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       The Lin(Luo river)Metallurgical equipment co., LTD is a hong kong-invested enterprise,Is a national high and new technology enterprise。Founded in1966Years,Professional committed to the blast furnace ironmaking equipment research and development and manufacturing。Company is located in the beautiful scenery of the central plains hinterland of luohe city of henan province。Covers an area of260000Square meters,Employees600More than one,The engineering and technical personnel100Many people,All kinds of equipment700Multiple sets。Enterprise established a provincial technology center、Postdoctoral research and development base、Net industrial lubrication oil engineering technology research center。Products for the valve、Cooling wall、Cast iron machine、Into the wind device、New type of closed type centrifugal oil purifier。

Experienced50Years of development and the tireless efforts of generations of the forest people,We with the most representative of baosteel、Shougang、Anshan iron and steel、Wisco、Shagang group、Masteel、Taiyuan、Tangshan、Hangang、Baotou steel、Angang、Ripple steel、New steel、Kunming steel、Hundreds of domestic large and medium-sized iron and steel, steel enterprises have established good relations of cooperation,The largest、The most advanced blast furnace----Beijing shougang tang matching60Cast iron machine;Produced the world's longest pure production of cast iron machine specifications----Hebei Long Fengshan foundry industry80Cast iron machine...

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